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HACKvent 2019

HV19.03 Hodor, Hodor, Hodor

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b3e6e692-e685-4804-9d4f-dfa873ce80d9.jpg
$HODOR: hhodor. Hodor. Hodor!?  = `hodor?!? HODOR!? hodor? Hodor oHodor. hodor? , HODOR!?! ohodor!?  dhodor? hodor odhodor? d HodorHodor  Hodor!? HODOR HODOR? hodor! hodor!? HODOR hodor! hodor? ! 

hodor?!? Hodor  Hodor Hodor? Hodor  HODOR  rhodor? HODOR Hodor!?  h4Hodor?!? Hodor?!? 0r hhodor?  Hodor!? oHodor?! hodor? Hodor  Hodor! HODOR Hodor hodor? 64 HODOR Hodor  HODOR!? hodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? .

HODOR?!? hodor- hodorHoOodoOor Hodor?!? OHoOodoOorHooodorrHODOR hodor. oHODOR... Dhodor- hodor?! HooodorrHODOR HoOodoOorHooodorrHODOR RoHODOR... HODOR!?! 1hodor?! HODOR... DHODOR- HODOR!?! HooodorrHODOR Hodor- HODORHoOodoOor HODOR!?! HODOR... DHODORHoOodoOor hodor. Hodor! HoOodoOorHodor HODORHoOodoOor 0Hooodorrhodor HoOodoOorHooodorrHODOR 0=`;
hodor.hod(hhodor. Hodor. Hodor!? );

This was quite easy. I immediately thought that this must be a programming language. Apparently there is a programming language called Hodor Programming Language. Running the code reveals:

Awesome, you decoded Hodors language!

As sis a real h4xx0r he loves base64 as well.


Base64 decode reveals the flag: HV19{h01d-th3-d00r-4204-ld4Y}.

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