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Category: Hacky Easter 2019

Challenge 03: Sloppy Encryption

Challenge 03 got as some sort of an encrypted password and a ruby script which was used to encrypt the password. Additionally we got another Egg-O-Matic to turn the password into a flag. So obviously, this challenge is about decrypting the password. K7sAYzGlYx0kZyXIIPrXxK22DkU4Q+rTGfUk9i9vA60C/ZcQOSWNfJLTu4RpIBy/27yK5CBW+UrBhm0= So, I went backwards through the encryption code, line by line, splitted […]

Challenge 02: Just Watch

The second challenge got the name just watch. We got a gif containing a password and an Egg-O-Matic to decrypt the flag. Clearly, the gif is about sign language. So googling for a sign language alphabet got me this. To have enough time to search for the right sign and to get the order straight, […]

Challenge 01: Twisted

The first challenge is named twisted. It comes with a twisted image of an easter egg containing the challenge number ’01’ and a qr-code. The hint reads ‘as usual, the first one is very easy – just a little twisted, maybe.’ So clearly, it’s about a qr-code, but we have to ‘untwist’ the image, since […]