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Hacky Easter 2019

Challenge 01: Twisted


The first challenge is named twisted. It comes with a twisted image of an easter egg containing the challenge number ’01’ and a qr-code. The hint reads ‘as usual, the first one is very easy – just a little twisted, maybe.’

So clearly, it’s about a qr-code, but we have to ‘untwist’ the image, since we can’t scan the qr-code directly from the twisted image.

So my first thought was: okay, just find the used effect and untwist the image. So I started googling for the effect. The second try – image twirl – led me to the LunaPic swirl effect. Loading the image by URL and playing with the swirl amount got me 115.

So now we got a qr-code which we can scan. Firing up the Barcode Scanner Android App on my smartphone got me he19-Eihb-UUVw-nObm-lxaW.

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