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Hacky Easter 2019

Challenge 02: Just Watch


The second challenge got the name just watch. We got a gif containing a password and an Egg-O-Matic to decrypt the flag.


Clearly, the gif is about sign language. So googling for a sign language alphabet got me this.

To have enough time to search for the right sign and to get the order straight, I used a gif splitter to split the gif into it’s image parts. That got me 11 images, so the password is 11 characters long.

The first translation try got me 1IVEMEASI1N. Putting it into the Egg-O-Matic got me nothing, so this must be wrong. Since the hint reads

Lowercase only, and no spaces!

I tried 1ivemeasi1n. Still wrong.

Reading the hint again and taking more time than I should have I found out, that the signs, that I thought was a 1 is actually the sign for g rotated. This got me givemeasign what actually sounds like a password for the given challenge. Firing up Egg-O-Matic got me again an easter egg with an qr code. Scanning it got me the flag: he19-DwWd-aUU2-yVhE-SbaG.

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